SainSmart Pro 32 TS 100 Soldering Iron

Review, Videos / Sunday, October 15th, 2017
Hello everyone welcome back.
If you are anything like me you use your soldering iron every day. One of the most annoying things about my previous setup was how long it took for the iron to heat up and the quality of the soldering tip.
Well both of those issues have been solved with the Sain Smart Pro 32 TS 100 soldering iron. This thing will heat up in a matter of seconds. It’s small and portable which means you can take it with you where ever you go. With the included tip its small enough for the for intricate work and perfect for your average soldering job. I really recommend this iron. Its a fantastic addition to your arsenal.
Operating Voltage: 12V to 24V
Power: 17W to 65W
Screen: OLED
USB Port: Micro USB
Power Port: DC5525
Temperature stability: ±2%.
Soldering tip resistance to ground: 2Ω.
Temperature range: 212°F to 752°F 100°C to 400°C
Control part: length: 96mm, diameter: 16.5mm.
Heating part: length: 72+33mm, diameter: 5.5mm.
Package Contents
1x Pro32 Digital Soldering Iron
1x PR-BC2 Soldering Tip
1x Hex Key
1x 19V Power Supply
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SaimSmart TS100 Soldering Iron Model Pro32


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