Best AIO FPV Camera Available for Micro Quads

Review / Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

All in one video transmitters are really good for drone hobbyists and builders who are building new quads and looking to minimize the build time and reduce the overall weight of your quad.

Using the AIO Camera is much simpler and easy to attach to your quad as you don’t have to buy a separate video transmitter and antenna for your quad.

Some even offer switchable output power such as you can adjust the Output power to reduce the power consumption to 25mW when you are in open area and increase to output power upto 200mW when you flying in complex environments with obstacles.

Eachine TX03

Eachine TX03

Eachine TX03 is an All In One(AIO) 5.8GHz FPV camera which includes Video Transmitter VTX  and Antenna. Eachine TX03 is one of the lightest CMOS camera and weighs only 6 grams. The imaging sensor built in FPV camera is 1/3 “CMOS which provides the horizontal resolution of 600TVL.

The size of camera is 20.66mm×14.06mm×6mm and it’s perfect for your racing drones. Transmitter could support 72 wireless channels.

The best feature about Eachine TXOS AIO is that the output power is switchable and can be switched from 0 to 25 mW or 50 mW or 200 mW. It provides 120 ° Field of View horizontally and 150 ° Field of View from diagonal perspective with the lens of 10mm.

The operating voltage requires to power Eachine TX03 is 2.5V ~ 5.5V. The price of Eachine TXO3 in the market is only $22.99.

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Eachine TX02

Eachine TX02

Eachine TX02 is a lightweight and small camera that weighs only 4.57 grams and it’s size is 20×13×6mm. Imaging sensors installed is 1/4 ” CMOS that provides the resolution of 600TVL.

Voltage power required to operate Eachine TX02 is 3.3-5 volts, it consumes the current of 480 mA. The antenna is Nickel-plated to boast the signals for the maximum range.

Transmitter works on the frequency of 5.8GHz and provides 40 wireless channels, that are displayed on digital LED display. The transmitter will remember the frequency channel after powering off. Eachine TX02 is available in the market in only $17.99.

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Eachine DVR03


Eachine DVR03 comes with integrated FPV Camera, Transmitter, Antenna and DVR(Digital Video Recorder). DVR allows you to record real time transmission and capture stunning videos from bird’s perspective. 1 / 4” imaging sensors provides resolution of 520TVL.

DVR03 have a lens of 10mm that gives 120 degrees of Field of view. The transmitter works on 5.8GHz frequency with 72 wireless channels.

Eachine DVROS comes with latest technology and the transmitter could be switched to three different output powers. Nickel Plated 4 Leaf Antenna provides the strongest signals with minimum signals loss. It weighs only 6.8 grams and comes in $26.99.

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Aomway HB25T

Aomway HB25T is a micro camera with 5.8GHz video transmitter of 40 Channels best suitable for all FPV drones. Microphone for audio signals is also integrated.

Aomway HB25T comes with 1/4” CMOS imaging sensors that provide HD resolution with 600TVL FPV camera. Output power of Aomway HB25T is switchable and could be set to 25 mW or 200mW. Input voltage required to power HB25T could differ from 4.8 to 24 volts.

It weighs only 7 grams and its size is 23×19×22mm, which is perfect for FPV Racing Drones. Price of Aomway HB25T is $22.88.

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FX805 Super Light Mini

FX805 Super Light Mini

One of the lightest AIO FPV camera that weighs only 4.8 grams and comes with the dimension of 21×19×17mm. FX805 is integrated with 600TVL CMOS camera that provide the field of view up to 140 degrees.

However, unlike other camera, FX805 is not switchable and comes with the power output of 25 mW. Video transmitter in FX805 works on 5.8GHz and provide up to 40 Channels.

It’s powered by 1S (3.7 volts) LiPo battery and consumes 250mA. FX805 is easy to install and very reliable. You’ll found FX805 in market in only $39.89.

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RunCam Micro Swift with RunCam TX25 Video Transmitter

tx25 runcam micro combo

RunCam is known for providing best FPV and HD Cameras for FPV Flying or Racing Drones. They are reliable, easy to install and very efficient. RunCam Micro Swift is a tiny and lightweight camera that weighs only 5.6 grams and it’s the smallest FPV camera with the size of 19mm × 19mm ×19mm.

The FPV camera is of 600TVL and comes with inbuilt 1/3″ SONY Super HAD II CCD image sensors. There are two lenses available in the market 2.1mm and 2.3mm. FOV of 2.1mm lens is 60 degree and 145 degree for 2.3mm.

However RunCam Micro Swift doesn’t come with the built in video transmitter, though you could use RunCam TX25 which is supported by RunCam Micro Swift, Micro Swift 2 and Micro Sparrow. TX25 is a 5.8G 48CH video transmitter with the output power of 25mW.

Price of RunCam Micro Swift Camera TX25 Combo is $40.99

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Boldclash F02

Boldclash F02 is a all in one camera with video transmitter and antenna. Transmitter works on 5.8GHz with 48 Channels. Boldclash weighs only 4.6 grams and its size is 2×1.5×0.5cm.

It required the input voltage of 2.9V-5.5V and consumes the current of 195-210 mA in a 5V input.

Frequency band of transmitter is 5730-5870MHz. Built in LED display shows channel, frequency group information, PAL/NTSC and FLIP information..

Price of Boldclash F02 is $35.99

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