Pitch Plus 115mm Brushed Build

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Are you looking for a new brushed micro frame?  The Pitch Plus 115mm frame is a very unique and well thought out design.  It boasts a 15 degree motor tilt to provide more forward thrust and less drag.  I have found this frame to be very durable and fun to fly.

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Here are the specs on the frame.

Wheelbase: 115mm
Carbon Thickness: 2mm
Prop Size: 55-75mm
Motor: 8520 Coreless Brushed Motor
Weight: 52g (without battery)

Buy a Pitch Plus 115mm Carbon Fiber Frame


For this build I used the flight controller, motors and AIO camera from the Eachine FB90. It has been my goal to find a home for these parts.  I was really disappointed in how the FB90 performed stock.  This frame is a great upgrade for the parts set.


When flying Acro mode it performs a lot better than it ever has.  Its very quick and agile.  When flying in Auto level mode its a challenge to stop the constant forward momentum.  I found that by adjusting the level of the flight controller you can compensate for the motor tilt.  I recommend this to those who do not fly Acro mode.  To adjust the pitch of your flight controller please see the image below. You can find your Board and Sensor Alignment on the configuration tab within BetaFlight Configurator.

fc pitch

Along with the Eachine FB90 parts I used the King Kong Q100 props and the BetaFPV 450mah 2s lipo.  The batteries have a C rating of 80-160c and provide plenty of power to push this 115mm frame around.   I have some 65mm props on order that im excited to try.  I have a strong feeling this build will perform even better with some larger props.

If you would like to pick up the parts to build this yourself please see the build parts list below.

Parts list

  1. Eachine FB90 Flight Controller
  2. Eachine FB90 replacement Camera
  3. Eachine FB90 Motors with SH plug
  4. KingKong Q100 60mm Props
  5. BetaFPV 450mah 2s 80c/160c Lipo

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

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