Cant Stop This Whoop. The BetaFPV Beta65s DSMX with BetaFlight OSD

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Hello everyone welcome back.

Weather was nice enough for me to get out and spread my wings with the new Beta 65s DSMX with BetaFlight OSD. Im really loving this little tiny whoop. Its fast and flies great even outdoors in light wind. Today it was about 45 degrees and wind was around 6mph. The beta65s handled it like a champ. I havent had any issues so far. You can see that I do not venture too far in the video. I hope to do a range test soon.

I have the entire build outlined below. Also check out the BetaFPV Beta65s Playlist.
Here is all the information on the DSMX build and what I used to complete the build.

This was a really fun build. Being able to work with and use the new camera was nice. I like that they provide you with the pig tail for the video in and out. I was able to add in a pigtail on the board to connect the camera in a lot easier. With the provided two pin standoff the power connection was a breeze. Just be sure to watch the orientation of the camera on the flight controller when you are soldering the joint.

Pick up a BetaFPV Z01 Camera with support for OSD when paired with the BetaFPV Flight Controller.
The motors I used come stock on the 65s. They are the BetaFPV 716 17500kv motors. They are a fantastic set of motors for any micro or tiny whoop that supports 7mm motors. I have used them as replacements for the stock Eachine E011 motors with great success.

Pick up a set of the BetaFPV 716 17500kv Brushed Motors.
The BetaFPV DSMX Flight Controller is a easy to build with flight controller. It offers a built in DSMX receiver and BetaFlight OSD support. I love having OSD. It helps me keep my batteries in check and also when testing flight times it allows me a nice read out of my results. Configuring the flight controller in betaflight was easy. I did have to reverse some RX channels which I will provide a video on soon so stay tuned. After some subtrim tweaks I had myself a great flying tiny whoop.

I will be posting my pids very soon. Im still tweaking them a bit.

Pick up the BetaFPV DSMX Flight Controller with support for BetaFlight OSD.
In this build I used the translucent canopy and tri blade props. These are a great pair for any of their 65mm form factor. I love how they look and the props are strong and with stand the impact from crashed. The same can be said for the canopy. Bashing indoors and outdoors with out a care.

Pick up a set of the BetaFPV Canopies. You will receive 3 blue canopies and 2 clear canopies.
Pick up a 4 pack of the translucent triblade 31mm props.
For this build I have been flying the BetaFPV 230 and 260mah LiHV Batteries. If you use promo code CRAYT230 you will receive 8% off 1 8 pack of the 230mah LiHV batteries and 10% of 2 8 packs of the 230mah LiHV batteries.

Pick up a 8 pack of the 230mah LiHV batteries from BetaFPV
Pick up a pack of the 260mah LiHV batteries from BetaFPV
I used the SainSmart TS100 Soldering Iron. This is a fantastic soldering iron that has a nice fine point tip and heats up really fast.

Pick up the SainSmart TS100 Soldering Iron.
For FPV I use both the Tactic RM2 monitor and the Makerfire VR008 Pros.

Pick up the Tactic RM2 monitor
Pick up the Makerfire VR008 Pros
I am currently flying this build with the Walkera Devo 7e. This is a great affordable transmitter.

Pick up the Walkera Devo 7e today.

Thank you for watching.
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