GriffonFPV Ghetto Bird Update 5 minute flight Gaoneng 450mah

Uncategorized / Saturday, January 6th, 2018

Hello everyone welcome back.

I’n today’s video I will be showing you how you can achieve 5 minute flight times with your GriffonFPV Brushless Ghetto Bird. This little guy has no issues pushing the 13.2gram battery. In this video you will see me fly for 4 minutes and 24 seconds when I land my battery is still at 3.7volts! That is awesome. So if you are thinking about building a Ghetto Bird you should check out these batteries. Also to note this micro can run two stick batteries in tandem so we may see even better flight times with more testing.

Link to the GriffonFPV Brushless Ghetto Bird!/Griffon-FPV-Brushless-Ghetto-Bird-KIT-DIY/p/96708119/category=26401097

Link to Gaoneng 450mah 1s Lipo


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