Binding the BetaFPV Beta65s Lite to your Taranis with the MTX-X9D Multiprotocol Module

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Hello everyone welcome back.

In today’s video I will be showing you how to bind your new BetaFPV Beta 65s Lite running Bayang Protocol to your Taranis using the MTX-9D Module. This was a really easy setup and I also included the needed stick gestures to change your PIDS and Flight modes.

Here are the instructions to set up your profile.

Binding Procedure
1. Create a model in OpenTX using external module in PPM mode, 12 channels and AETR
sequence order. 2. Turn off Taranis. 3. Power up quad. 4. While holding the appropriate stick pattern listed below, power up Taranis.

To Bind you will need to have you left stick in the center and down position. On your Right stick you will have it held to Elevator up + Aileron right when you power on your transmitter. THis will bind your Beta 65s lite to your Taranis. You will notice that your rapidly blinking lights have now changed to solid. You are now ready to fly.


Here are all your Stick Gestures.





By default, certain stick sequences, which we call gestures, are used to activate some features, or issue commands. For example, the gesture Down – Down – Down would be accomplished by moving the pitch stick down 3 times in a short time.

1) Change Mode

  • Left – Left – Down: acro mode
  • Right – Right – Down : level mode

2) Change PID

First, you should select the value you want to change.

  • Up – Down – Up: Cycle pid term to the next ( P – I – D )
  • Up – Down – Down: Cycle pid axis to be changed ( Roll/Pitch – Yaw )

Second, you could decrease or increase the selected value.

  • Up – Down – Left: Decrease the selected value
  • Up – Down – Right: Increase the selected value

Finally, save the changed PID value.

  • Down – Down – Down: Accelerometer calibration / Save pids if changed

3) Calibrate Accelermeter

  • Down – Down – Down: Accelerometer calibration / Save pids if changed

This little guy also rocks silverware out of the box.

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Pick up a MTX-X9D Module

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What I fly and what I use

BNF Beta85

BNF Beta75s

BetaFPV Beta 65 Frame Kit

BetaFPV Flight Controller with Frsky Receiver & BetaFlight OSD

BetaFPV Flight Controller with DSMX Receiver & BetaFlight OSD

BetaFPV Z01 Camera

BetaFPV 230mah LiHV Batteries

BetaFPV Replacement Canopies

BNF Beta 75s

BNF Beta 75

Beta 65s

FPV Goggles I use

Soldering Iron I use

I film all my videos with the Samsung Note 5

Thank you for watching!

Fly Safe & Fly Often

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