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Credit for this design goes to NotFastEnuf.  I am offering a print service for those who do not have access to a printer and would like to use the Boss frames.


You can check out his thread and keep up on the latest progress on the Boss frame.

These frames are 3d printed in ABS and are available in a wide range colors .  These frames are printed to order most of the time.  Please allow up to two days to process your order.

The NFE Boss frame is available in 80mm, 90mm and 100mm. and designed to fit the Inductrix style flight controller.  Options for the Tiny F3 and E011 Flight Controllers are also available.  The BetaFPV Flight controller also fit great.  These frames fit 615-816 brushed motors.  Before inserting the motor you will need to lightly sand the inside of the motor mounts until the motors fit.  You can also use acetone and a Qtip to prepare the motor mounts.

Sizes available and recommended prop size.

6mm – up to 50mm props – 80mm wheelbase – 615 brushed motors – Frame Weight – approximately 2.5grams
7mm – up to 50mm props – 80mm wheelbase – 716 brushed motors – Frame Weight – approximately 3grams
7mmXL – up to 55mm props – 90mm wheelbase – 720 brushed motors – Frame Weight – approximately 4grams
8mm – up to 66mm props – 100mm  wheelbase – 816 brushed motors – Frame Weight – approximately 4-5grams
8.5mm – up to 66mm props – 100mm wheelbase – 8520 brushed motors – Frame Weight – approximately 4-5grams

All international orders shipping is a flat rate of $13.00.  Thank you.

If you require a battery tray please leave a note in your order.  Battery Trays are and additional $2




Additional information

Weight .6 oz

Black, Bright Green, Bright Yellow, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Purple, Fire Engine Red, Grey, Hunter Orange, Light Blue, Light Orange, Light Purple, Pink, White


100mm for 816 Brushed Motor, 100mm for 8520 Brushed Motor, 80mm for 615 Brushed Motor, 80mm for 716 Brushed Motor, 90mm for 720 Brushed Motor

Flight Controller Layout

Eachine E011 Flight Controller, Inductrix Style Flight Controller, Tiny F3 Flight controller


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